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Private Dog Training or Group Lessons?

I’m often asked by new puppy owners in our service area of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, “Which is better, a group puppy class or a private puppy training program?”

Whether you have an adult dog or a puppy, private dog training lessons at Tara’s School for dogs in Manhattan offer many advantages over group classes or self-training methods. A few minutes to read about them below will highlight those we believe are most important.

While private dog training lessons may come at a higher cost compared to group classes, personalized attention, tailored training, and faster progress can make them a worthwhile investment for many dog owners.

You may use the contact form on the website to contact us and set up a free-of-charge consultation to discuss your dog’s training needs.

1. Individualized Attention: Private dog training lessons are one-on-one sessions held in your home or outdoors depending on what we are training. This allows us to focus solely on your dog's specific needs and tailor the training program accordingly. The training can be customized to address behavioral issues, obedience commands, and specific goals you have for your dog.

2. Personalized Training Plan: With private lessons, we can create a personalized training plan that aligns with your dog's temperament, learning style, and personality. We can adjust the training techniques and pace based on your dog's progress, ensuring a more effective and efficient training process.

3. Flexibility in Scheduling: Private lessons offer more flexibility in scheduling compared to group classes, which have a fixed schedule. This allows you to choose the most convenient times for training sessions that fit your schedule. We offer lessons 7 days a week, including morning or evening times.

4. Minimizes Distractions: In group classes, dogs may get distracted by other dogs and their owners, making it harder to focus on training. With private lessons, you can eliminate these distractions and maintain a controlled training environment, leading to better concentration and quicker learning. Distractions and puppy socialization are two different things, so if you are thinking socialization happens best in a group puppy class that’s not true.

5. Faster Progress: Because private lessons are tailored to you and your dog's specific needs, they can lead to faster progress and better results. We can identify and address issues more efficiently, accelerating your dog's learning and development.

6. Behavior Modification: If your dog has specific behavioral issues that need attention, private lessons can be highly effective in tackling those problems. We can focus on behavior modification techniques to address problems like anxiety, or fear. This kind of work is helpful for transition periods to a new home for an adult dog. Manhattan with its busy streets, especially those on the Upper East Side is challenging for dogs who are new to city life.

7. Bonding and Trust: The human-animal bond is strengthened as we all work together using positive reinforcement methods. The building of trust leads to better communication and cooperation between you and your dog.

8. Confidence Building: Private lessons can help boost your dog's confidence, especially if they are shy or nervous around other dogs, people or on the busy streets of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Together we can work on building your dog’s self-confidence at a pace that suits them best.

9. Support for the Owner: Private dog training includes coaching and guidance for you, the dog owner. We will help you understand your dog's behavior better and teach you how to reinforce the training at home. This support can lead to more consistent and successful training outcomes.

You may use the contact form on the website to contact us and set up a free-of-charge consultation to discuss your dog’s training needs. Click here for the link to Contact Us

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