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Puppy Socialization

What is Puppy Socialization and When to Start?

As you welcome home your new puppy starting right with puppy socialization. Through socialization your puppy will develop the skills necessary to cope with new experiences in a positive way, therefore reducing your puppy’s stress and helping them grow up to be the best adult dog they can be. Just to name a few new experiences for your puppy think about walking on various surfaces, meeting different dogs, interacting with people who are strangers to them and the sights and sounds of their new home location. 


It’s best to start puppy socialization right away and it’s easy to do. At first, even just carrying your puppy to a dog friendly location where they can see, smell and hear new things is a good start. As soon as you can visit a facility that has Puppy Playtime. Make sure it’s clean and they require vaccinations be up to date for the age of the puppy. You should also discuss the benefits of puppy socialization with a trusted dog professional such as a certified dog trainer or veterinarian. 


If you want to learn more about Puppy Socialization let Tara’s School for Dogs help. We have Silly Saturdays, which is our weekly puppy playtime.  It’s a great way to meet us, learn about our puppy training and have fun with your new puppy. We call it Silly Saturdays because puppies can be very silly when they play!


Contact us by e-mail to learn more about Tara’s School for Dogs and affordable dog training in Manhattan.

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