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Welcome Home New Puppy Shopping List

It’s important to prepare for your puppy before they are at home. Preparing will mean a smooth transition for both you and your puppy. There is a shopping list below.

A shopping list is only part of preparing and you’ll need to look for a nearby dog walker, veterinarian, dog day care and dog training class. Take a few minutes to explore options at Tara’s School for Dogs which include; Puppy playtime, puppy socialization and puppy training. There is also an option for in home puppy setup and
training which is very helpful for first time dog owners.

New Puppy Shopping List:

Puppy Crate
The size of the crate depends on the size of your puppy.

Puppy Gate Enclosure
Keeping the puppy in an enclosed area is important for house training.

Collar, Leash, Harness, ID Tag
Having this to transport your new puppy home is a matter of safety.

Water and Food Bowls
Small sturdy bowls made of a non-breakable material are best.

Puppy Pads
Any small puppy pads are fine for a little puppy, unscented are best.

Dog Carrier
Pick the right size based on the puppy.

Puppy Bed
Pick the size based on the crate size. The bed should fit in the dog crate and be washable.

Puppy Chew Toys
Pick 3 toys to have on hand when the puppy arrives. Start with one plush, one rope and one hard chew toy.

Puppy Food & Treats
Ask what the food the puppy was eating and start feeding your puppy that at home. If you do change the food do it slowly over time. Start with a selection of two treats, soft puppy treats and a hard puppy treats. Choose a high quality puppy treat with healthy ingredients.

Puppy Shampoo
Pick an unscented, no more tears puppy shampoo.

Enzymatic Cleaner
Choose an enzymatic cleaner made for puppy messes.

Contact us by e-mail to learn more about Tara’s School for Dogs and affordable dog training in Manhattan.

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