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Family Dog Training Classes

The Different Types of Dog Training Classes That Are Offered

Here at Tara's School for Dogs, we are pleased to offer different types of dog training courses. The different types of courses are beneficial in different cases, based on both the family and dog needs. Here are two of the different types of classes we offer and who they may most benefit.

Family Dog Training Classes

One of the types of courses that we offer here at Tara's School for Dogs is family dog training classes. With this type of class, your entire family is able to get in on the action of training your dog. This is important, as many households only train one adult with the dog. But, if that adult is away or at work, the dog needs to be able to listen to cues and commands from other household members. Family dog training courses help to make that a reality.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

The other type of course that we at Tara's School for Dogs offer is positive reinforcement dog training. We believe in positively reinforcing the actions that your dog is taught, through the use of dog treats, attention, love and toys. All of our courses revolve around this principal and help to ensure that your dog is treated with love and respect as they are trained. Most dog trainers use positive reinforcement, but not all do, so always ensure any trainer you work with uses this method.

If you are looking for family dog training classes or positive reinforcement dog training, Tara's School for Dogs offers the classes that your pet needs. We can help to customize a course to your dog, or use one of our tried and true courses to train your dog. Reach out to us now to learn more or to get started.