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Class Type

Family Class

Dog training classes are a  great family activity! Family class will offer the opportunity to work as a team in training your dog. Not only will you  enhance the human - animal bond between your family and your dog, it will give you a happier, well behaved dog that you can do more with. All household members impact the dogs behavior, make that a positive experience by training the family dog as a team.

After School Class
Specialty Class

Open to grade school children 7 years and older. This program takes place in your home, with your child and  the family dog (child caregiver must be at home). It's fun and educational. Children will learn about the science behind positive reinforcement dog training. Children will have an opportunity to practice both as a student themselves and as a teacher for the dog. Training classes help build confidence and leadership skills in children. 

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Running Dog
One on One Class

This class will be tailored to your specific training needs in a way that best fits the way you and your dog learn. There is no better way to start life with a new puppy than with the guidance of a professional trainer that can help you grow that puppy into the best dog possible. If you have a senior or disabled dog, training can be tailored to their needs. Let me show you how to teach an old dog new tricks!

All Classes

Classes are private and tailored to the individual needs of students, both canine and human! The descriptions below are a guideline to the curriculum for your dogs. During the first class we'll set up a plan with goals for both you and your dog. 

Basic Cues
and Manners

Teaching your dog basic cues keeps them safe and makes them a joy to be around. Basic cues include behaviors such as sit, down, come, stay, leave it, recall, etc.

Dogs 6 months and older are invited to take this class. 

Tricks can be taught once you and your dog learn the basic. This is lots of fun for both you and your dog! An old dog can learn new tricks, that's for sure!

The classes are private and will be tailored to your and the dogs individual needs. 

Puppy Socialization
And Puppy Cues
  • Socialization

  • Handling

  • Sit, Down, Come

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • ​House Training

At around 1 to 3 months of age, puppies are primed for bonding to other animals and individuals, for learning that objects, people, and environments are safe, and for learning what the body cues and signals of others mean. It is a critical and  sensitive period for socialization. It is the most important socialization period in a dog’s life. Puppies who do not get adequate socialization during this period tend to be fearful of unfamiliar people, or dogs, or sounds, objects & environments.

Problem Solving
Puppy & Adult

Causes of common problems will determine the best method(s) to address them. Some  problems can be addressed with training and others are best addressed by behavior modification.​ Both of these methods use positive reinforcement and of the desired behaviors.


Problems in puppies and adults can come up in response to changes in the environment, daily routines or physical illness. It may be important to first rule out any underlying medical issues with a visit to the veterinarian.


INTRODUCTORY RATE FALL 2019 (Regular Rate $100)

All Classes run 45 to 60 minutes $70

Cancellations before 24 hours no charge

Cancellations same day $20 charge

Absent without cancellation $70

Dogs must be vaccinated according to their age and have documentation from a veterinarian. Titers are acceptable proof of immunity, rabies as per New York State Law.  Please see resources and Protect the Pets for more information about vaccines and immunity.

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