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Adopted Rescue Dog Training

Why Adopted Rescue Dog Training is Needed

If you have recently adopted a rescue dog from a shelter or rescue group, your dog may need adopted rescue dog training. Many people wonder why an adopted dog may need this and how this differs from puppy training. After a dog has been in a shelter, they may be scared and anxious. The life and owner they once knew may not be gone, and instead, they lived in a cage. Adopted rescue dog training can help your dog overcome anxiousness and fear. Additionally, many rescue dogs are not puppies. If they were not trained young, teaching them can be more challenging due to their age and current habits. The saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks is not true, you simply need to have more patience. Here at Tara's School for Dogs, we would love to help you with adopted rescue dog training. Call us now to get started.

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