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Puppy Raising

The experience your puppy has during the first 2 to 4 weeks of its arrival will set the stage for their puppyhood. Of course, each puppy is different as they come with their own unique genetic heritage and experiences from birth. When the breeder or the rescue sends them on their way to you, they are leaving behind the world as they know it. Their mother and littermates, the sights, sounds, feelings, and most importantly smells of their first home will be gone forever. They will find themselves with you in their new home full of things they can have, things they must leave alone (think your shoes) and the love of their new owner. And now I want to say and so they lived happily after and while that may be true there’s the initial transition period to get through. 

The Puppy Raising service at Tara’s School for Dogs can help you get past the initial hump of the transition period. We offer an exclusive service for young, small puppies and only one at a time can be accommodated in a home environment. Please use the contact form to learn more.

Puppy in Red Cushion

What exactly is a transition period?

It involves both you and your puppy figuring out how to live together. While it might feel like you have bought a lot of gear and furnishings for your puppy, it’s your puppy that’s making the bigger transition. And not only are they making a transition to living with you they are growing and developing at warp speed both physically and mentally, as they learn about the world, they live in.

Puppy Having Lunch

Reasons people use our puppy raising service: 



  • Something unexpected comes up, like a travel obligation.

  • It’s more work than you can handle right now. Using a puppy raising service can get you started. 

  • Having a professional ensure solid puppy foundations in socialization, obedience, and manners. 

  • The puppy arrives at a busy time in your life and it’s too difficult to devote so much time right now.

Puppy Having Lunch
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